How Moving To New City Helped Me Discover A New Version Of Myself

streets in london

“Walking on the streets of this city,

I have realized how far I have come,

How I have become a part of this city…

The city that once had no room for me…


When I came here, I was an impulsive kid,

But this city taught me how to be a responsible adult…

I had no friends then,

But now every corner seems familiar…

The comfort that I had been seeking from long,

I found it on its stranger streets…


I didn’t know many things about myself,

Until I came here…

This city, yes this very own city,

Helped me discover myself,

And gave me wings to fly…”

These were a few lines that I wrote a few days back when I realized what an eternal bond I have formed with the city – London. When I was moving here from New Jersey, I had a knot in my stomach. I felt as if I am leaving everything behind. But now that I am here, I realize that it was the best decision that I ever took.

When I first stepped in here, everything seemed very strange. The streets I was walking on seem so unfamiliar, I had no idea where they were leading me. All those strange faces that I used to see every day, intimidated me. I could see in their eyes that I don’t belong to this city.

Even the sun didn’t give me the warmth that could soothe my heart and make me feel that everything is okay. The chilly winds used to pierce my heart and make me feel that I have no one to hold in this city, no one to call of my own. But that’s when I realized that the cocoon I was staying in is no longer around me.

The reason that the streets felt so unfamiliar is that I walked on them silently without making any conversation. The sun didn’t give me that warmth because I didn’t welcome it with open arms. This first realization changed a lot of things for me. I started stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself every now and then (It was something that I was not made for).

Now I go out when the sun rises and welcome it wholeheartedly. When the sun rays touch my face, I feel the comfort that I was looking for from a very long time. The cool breeze when passes by me every time, I feel as if I have come across a long-lost friend who used to hold a really important place in my heart. I am now not afraid of being lost when I walk alone on the streets because I know that they will lead me to the right destination. I am not scared of people anymore because I see a friendly face no matter where I go.

Every corner of the city makes me feel at home, so I sit there, open my journal, and start scribbling. The solace that I feel these days was never before or I would say I didn’t try to find it until I moved here. Before I came here, I didn’t know I could give that kind of love to someone, a kind of love that is so pious, so sacred, so eternal. Yes, I have fallen in love with this city.

You guys can call me a freak, but the serenity that I feel these days was never around. I have now become a calm and composed person who knows how to deal with every challenge that comes my way. The voice that I buried somewhere deep down has now started to speak for itself. I am no longer that person who was scared of hurting people. If anyone tries to intimidate me, I make sure I show them the best that I have got.

I am no longer that person who used to confine himself to one place so that people don’t get a chance to judge me. Hey, but now, come and judge me how much you want. You can’t define me because it takes a lot of guts to dive deep into the river of emotions that flows inside every single person.

So, everyone out there, no matter in which corner of the world you are sitting, fall in love with your city, start making an untouched and unsaid relationship with the unfamiliar streets and the strangers walking on it. You will surely discover a lot many things about yourself that may leave you surprised. You will get wings to fly and the courage to make your every dream come true. Stay blessed!


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Authored by John Noels

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